a warm hello and a bit of home

happy earth day friends! 


I’m brigit, co-founder and ceo of this little company called fomeno. fomeno was founded by three 20 something-year-old college student-athletes during the brink of the covid-19 pandemic back in 2020 (myself being one of them)! During a time when the world was put on hold, we decided to jump into the world of tech and start developing an app that would simplify the thrifting experience as we all know it. However, in line with the unpredictability of the pandemic, similar themes could be seen through our experience building an app (as three non-technically trained founders). We learned A LOT about this little word called patience. And persistence. And frustration!!! I’d like to bet that you learned many of these lessons alongside us, in your own little world and in your own little way. 


However, we also became students in knowing how to appreciate the little wins, finding beauty in the simplicity, and reflecting on the term “home”. Perhaps you joined us in these lessons as well. 


For me, I know my physical “home” changed a few different times throughout the pandemic. I left college, moved back in with my parents, did school online, and just waited for the go ahead to get back to campus. My room became the classroom, gym, movie theaters, fomeno headquarters, and sleeping chambers :,)


But while the four little walls took on different roles, 

what lies outside of those walls never changed. 

The beauty of the outdoors never changed. 

The simplicity of the outdoors never changed. 


While our day to day lives were being hit with one of the most challenging times in history, the earth continued to exist, in all her wonder. 


For the last two years, I have really been reflecting on the word “home” and what it means to me. I’ve had a recurring realization that with my tangible home constantly changing, it doesn’t make sense that I would trust the weight of this word with something as inconsistent as where I am paying rent. 


I have always known that home is where my people are. And yet, that exact location can’t quite be pinned down either, as my people have spread their wings and now are stretching all across the country. So… then, home to me, is within these people, but also, in this mutual location that we all call home, the earth. How vast it is, yes!!! but within it, all my people live. It’s funny how when we are out in nature, we all, in some way, can feel this sense of peace and belonging. Despite the walls that we put up in order to build our houses, the foundation for all these beautiful little buildings is the same. 


The purpose of fomeno, ties into this message of home too:

the heart of fomeno is to offer an enjoyable thrifting experience all while positively impacting our home planet, one thrifted item at a time.


The fashion industry is the second dirtiest industry in the world (second to oil), and billions of textiles end up in landfills every year. As a result, resources are exploited, communities are left to deal with the mass waste, and good clothing is left without a place to call home. 


We founded this company with the intent to do our part in protecting our home planet. We may not be able to solve every problem correlated with the fashion industry, but we are working to do what we can to preserve our home and create a way for others to do the same. 


Anyways, that’s all for now :) 


Until next time,


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