Fomeno Beta

Fomeno Beta

“okay, so like… when is this app launching. I need it NOW!”


As our team keeps working to get Fomeno on the App Store, we’ve put something together for you to use NOW! For only $2.99 Fomeno’s style curators will begin thrifting for you! Let us know what you want to wear, and we will find it secondhand. Thrifting made simple with Fomeno Beta

Do you want Fomeno to thrift for YOU?

As we prep to launch the official Fomeno app, our team is running Fomeno manually! Let us know what you want to thrift, and we will do the hard work for you!

How Fomeno Beta Works:

  1. Fill out the quick form below so we know what you’re looking to thrift (takes less than 2 mins)
  2. Venmo thriftfomeno $2.99
  3. Fomeno style curators will start online thrifting for you!
  4. Fomeno stylist will text you our top curated picks
  5. Like your favorite option(s) over text, then Fomeno will securely purchase the item for you or we can send you links to do it yourself!

Fomeno is dedicated to easing the secondhand shopping experience. Take part in the Fomeno Beta and together, we can impact the planet, one thrifted item at a time.

Fomeno Beta

The Fomeno team will send you curated thrift options to this number!